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You do not really need any transport within Padang Bai as everything is within walking distance (maximum one kilometer or 2 kilometers vice versa). If you want to explore the surrounding area, motorbike rental and car rental are widely available. You can go in one day tour to Candidasa, Tirta Gangga, Taman Ujung (Edge Sukasada Park), and see sunset at Lempuyang Temple


The main beach is generally awash with colorful double outrigger fishing boats in the shape of a marlin. The front of the boat is shaped with the point of its mouth open wide and large eyes looking to the heavens. Either side of the main beach are two other hidden coves with nice, quiet white sand beaches.

Blue Lagoon Beach is a great beach for snorkeling, although the beach is only about one hundred meters length. Some people call it is a romantic beach, so it is also called as Blue Lagoon Beach. The beach is unique, the sandy beach is not always white, but temporary change to rather black. If the current come from the west, the beach will be white sandy, but if the current come from the east, the beach will be black and white sandy which the black sand come from Mount Agung debris/stones. The coral reef is right up to the shore and is very pretty with clown fishes and small sepia. Best way to enter is on the far left side, where there is a coral-less canal that leads to the snorkeling site. There are two restaurants with reasonable food (fried rice, fried noodle, omelette, sandwiches and spirits), showers (only for restaurant guests), chairs, sunbeds (~25,000 IDR/day) and snorkeling gear. The beach is easily accessible. To reach Blue Lagoon Beach, facing to the sea (south) turn to the left until end of Silayukti street, head east on foot over the prominent headland at the eastern end of the main bay. Follow the signs that say Blue Lagoon Beach (not resort). Note that wading through the water can be both frustrating and dangerous due to an abundance of coral and submerged rocks. Next to the beach there is a forest of cacti above the rocks.

Bias Tugel Beach, also called “White Sand Beach”, is a beautiful white sandy beach and the best beach in Padang Bai. It’s wider than Blue Lagoon Beach and good for swimming, though the currents can be strong. There are about five warungs, serving simple Indonesian dishes, juices and beer. The beach is surrounded by a monstrous, unfinished resort. To reach the secluded Bias Tugel Beach from the central Padangbai, walk from the police station for 100 metres up the hill. Directly after Bamboo Paradise turn left (there’s a sign that says Bias Tugel) and climb the steep hill along a construction road for about 5 minutes and then descend. While descending – weather permitting – you should be able to see the largest mountain on Bali, Mount Agung on your left – a powerful sight. If you continue over the hill and follow the road, you will eventually come to a long, white sand beach. From Casa Mimba, go the main village road to T-junction, and follow the road up the hill.

Mimba Beach, is a long stretch of black sandy beach, about 50 meters straight in front of the villa. A long walk by its shore to the right side will take you to see the sea-salt making village of Kusamba.

Temples :
If you need a break from the beaches, there are some temples to discover. These are not especially notable temples, but still worth a visit. Padang Bai has five major temples: Pura Dalem, located downtown, Pura Segara, located next to the beach in between town and the main beach, Pura Telagamas, Pura Silayukti and Pura Tanjungsari in the eastern end of Padang Bai. Of the five Pura Silayukti is the most notable, having been the home of the great Hindu sage Empu Kuturan and dating back to the 11th century, making it one of the oldest extant temples on the island. Just walk along the beach road to the end and up around the headland. Don’t forget to bring a sarong and a sash.

Silayukti Temple [6], Pura Khayangan Jagat Pura Luhur Silayukti, located in the village Padangbay, Manggis Karangasem district, at an altitude of 25 m from the sea surface. This temple can be reached by motorcycle or car. Mileage from the district of Karangasem to this temple about 26 km, and about 55 km from Denpasar. The history of Pura Luhur Silayukti, related with a supreme pandhita Mpu Kuturan of religion named Siwa Buddha. He is said to come to Bali by the end of the 10th century.

Pura Penataran Agung
Pura Dalem
Pura Segara
Pura Puseh
Pura Pesamuhan
Pura Telaga Mas
Pura Tanjung Sari